Replace VW / Volkswagen Key Fob Battery & Broken Keychain Guide:

Replace VW / Volkswagen Key Fob Battery & Broken Keychain Guide:

How do I replace the battery on my VW Volkswagen Car Key Fob?

If your Car Key fob is broken or damaged you will need to book a Car Key Specialist to replace or reprogramme it.

However, often problems with the lock and unlock buttons on a remote fob are due to nothing more complicated or difficult than a flat Fob Battery.

Scroll down below to read AutoKey Squad Car Key Specialist Dan Ovideo from Tooting, South London, explaining in a FREE step-by-step guide how to change the battery on your Volkswagen Car Key Fob.

if you are broke and desperate to save money, this home-made DIY money saving expert advice solution should help you keep your costs to the barest minimum.

AutoKey Squad Roadside Replacement Service for Car Keys

AutoKey Squad VW Car Key Fob Expert

You should only attemp this procedure if your DIY skills are decent and you want to save the last penny you can. There is still a cheaper alternative apart from expensive Main Dealership fees.

Many motorists will prefer to Click Here and have their VW Car Key Fob replaced by a dedicated Key Specialist for a value price at their home or office. Our experienced professional can supply brand-new quality Car Key fob programmed & thoroughly tested in minutes. All work & materials is covered by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. However, if you want to do things the hard way, read on!


“Before you start, the replacement battery type you will need to revive your VW Car Key Fob is known as CR2032. You can by it in all good newsagents or camera shops. If you have the patience, you can save a few pence by buying the product online. One of the cheapest places we have found to buy this battery is from Amazon here.
Take a strong grip of the key as shown and pull apart firmly, taking care not to damage the plastic casing.
Your Volkswage Car Key Fob Switchblade Laser key should split into two parts as illustrated in the photo above.
This illustration shows the VW Volkswagen key slightly eased into its component portions – allowing you to easily view the seam dividing the key.

Now for the most challenging part of the whole process. You need to get your fingernails between the two halves. Either grab from the front or sides and pry hard and it should split apart once again as shown below:
If you have done the job right, you should now be able to see the internal circuit board of your remote fob as shown in the illustration below. The next stage is to attend to the replacement battery.
Step 3:
Your Volkswagen Car Key fob battery is fairly straight forward as shown below. Now you just need to carefully pop it out of its metal housing. Inside Tip: A Car Key Specialist (such as AutoKey Squad) would always use a small Jeweller or Watchmakers screwdriver to complete this process professionally without damaging the customer’s key. You might want to copy this technique, or just use your nails.)
Step 4:
Now please insert the small Replacement battery you purchased earlier into the Car Key fob housing. The battery type you need is known as CR2032. You can by it in all good newsagents or camera shops. If you have the patience, you can save a few pence by buying the product online. One of the cheapest places we have found to buy this battery is from Amazon here.
Step 5:
Now Please just reassemble the Car Key to complete the process. It may be that replacing your Car Key battery has broken the electronic synching between your Car Key Fob and your vehicle. This may mean the doors do not lock and unlock, even though the Car Key Fob has been recharged.

If that’s the case you might want to visit AutoKey Squad’s Volkswagen Car Key Fob programming guide by clicking here:

BONUS TIP: Broken VW switchblade remote metal bracket to go on your key ring? No problem. We’ll give you a money-saving trick of the trade to avoid replacing your entire expensive key fob. Many customers will understandably prefer to replace their Key Fob with a new tested quality VW remote fob from AutoKey Squad. but for Scrooges and drivers who are absolutely skint this might be useful.
Here is an example of a VW Key Fob where the metal bracket has broken off from the key:
Now, what you need to do is divide the key into two halves as shown in the image below. What you will notice is that the important electronics – which are programmed to your vehicle – are contained in one half and the key chain is in the other half. What you now need to do is buy any sort of second hand remote control fob from Ebay. These are usually very cheap as they are uselss for other vehicles which they are not programmed to. All you need to do is substitute your faulty black plastic key fob side containing the battery and damaged and key chain and replace it with half of the key you have purchased via the internet.
Reassembled the key and you are good to go – all the for the price of an expensive takeaway coffee! This awseome advice is brought to you by the Car Key boffins at Roadside Car Key Specialists AutoKey Squad.
still not answered all your questions? Please Click Here to find out more from this motor enthusiasts forum.
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