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  • Modern Vauxhall car keys (manufactured after 1995) are equipped with 3 security levels, the metal blade, the transponder chip and the remote fob. This means that the car key duplication or replacement service is normally a very technical process, requiring very high-tech, dealer-standard diagnostic equipment
  • Autokey Squad is Britain's leading car key specialist. Our Vauxhall key technicians travel in their mobile units, clearly marked with our logo, ready replace your car keys quickly and efficiently, even if you are locked out of the vehicle or stranded in the middle of nowhere. While we use high quality, genuine parts, our prices are also much LOWER than dealers'.
  • Unlike, the dealer, we won't ask you to wait 10 working days for the key to be ordered and delivered from abroad. We are opened 24 hours, 7 days a week, so we can come to you and create a new key for you while you wait at the time & place that suits you the best.
  • We encourage all of our customers to get a second spare key cut & programmed in advance so they are prepared in case of an emergency. Not only this will give you better peace of mind but also you will save time and money from having to get a new key produced if you unexpectedly lost access to your vehicle. Our shop in North London, 248 Archway Road, N65AX offers up to 30% discounts compared to our Emergency prices and up to 70% off compared to the dealer prices, from as little as £77.
  • Please read full information about Vauxhall car key fobs and about our service further down the page.
Our Services
Lost or Broken car keys replacement

If you have lost or broken all your car keys, we can come to you and provide you with a new set of keys in minutes, without asking you to have your vehicle towed to our base or wait for 10 working days like the dealer will.

Car key Duplication

If you have one key that starts the engine and just need a spare, you can either book an appointment with one of our mobile specialists or you can save money by coming to our Discount Shop in North London (248 Archway Road, N65AX) and have it done here. Remember: it’s always more cost-effective to have your car key cloned so you’re prepared if one of them gets lost or broken.

Car key programming

Sometimes your remote fob or transponder chip becomes de-synchronized and needs diagnostic equipment to get it working again. Should this be your case, give us a call and save money from applying for a brand new set of keys.

Car opening

Have you locked your car keys inside your vehicle or just need urgent access to your car? Our locksmiths are fully trained with secure techniques to gain entry to your vehicle without leaving a trace.

Car key repair

You might find yourself in a situation where your car key has snapped, cracked or has just become too worn to function properly. Our technicians can repair it whether that might be onsite or at our Discount Shop in North London (248 Archway Road, N65AX).

Car Lock Repair/ Ignition Barrel Repair

If you have problems with your door lock or ignition barrel (e.g. a key blade that snapped in the lock or a key that refuses to turn into the ignition), Autokey Squad can come and service your needs onsite and prices quoted are normally far lower than garages’.

    Covered Vauxhall Models
  • - Vauxhall Astra
  • - Vauxhall Calibra
  • - Vauxhall Corsa
  • - Vauxhall Frontera
  • - Vauxhall Insignia
  • - Vauxhall Monaro
  • - Vauxhall Monterey
  • - Vauxhall Meriva
  • - Vauxhall Omega
  • - Vauxhall Signum
  • - Vauxhall Senator
  • - Vauxhall Tigra
  • - Vauxhall Vectra
  • - Vauxhall VX220
  • - Vauxhall Zafira
  • - Vauxhall Combo
  • - Vauxhall Movano
  • - Vauxhall Vivaro
  • - Many others
Additional Vauxhall Information

How Vauxhall car keys work

All Vauxhall Cars sold since 1995 are equipped with a factory-fitted immobiliser system linked to a small glass chip embedded in the car key. The way this works is , the immobilizer system searches electronically for a transponder chip when a key is inserted into the ignition and turned. If the correct chip is present, the immo system will allow the Vauxhall vehicle to start. If the immo system fails to detect a chip, the fuel supply to the engine is cut off. The chip inside your key is passive, it doesn’t need a battery to work, so even if you might have a key that might look very basic, if your vehicle was manufactured after 1995, it will definitely contain a chip inside. It is normally impossible to bypass, override or remove a Vauxhall immobilizer and still drive the vehicle. This process may be known in the industry as a “crypto coding system”.

Transponder CHip (2)

Very old Vauxhall Car Keys (manufactured prior to 1995) often contain no transponder chip. This significantly reduces the cost of new car keys for this age of vehicle.

Warning! Second hand or recylced chips and keys purchased via Ebay or the internet will NOT start a Vauxhall vehicle – unless the key has been diagnostically paired to the car using dealer-standard diagnostic equipment. If the Vauxhall key is not programmed correctly, you may find that the replacement key will unlock the doors and turn in the ignition, but it will fail to start or keep the engine running for more than 5 seconds. This is because the car’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) will NOT allow the vehicle to start.



Autokey Squad’s car key service vs The Dealers’

If all keys are lost, an authorized High street Dealerships can replace your Vauxhall key – but the process will cost around £800 if all the locks are changed. Vauxhall Dealerships usually need to ensure their vehicle is transported to the dealership before supplying a new key. This can incur tow-truck charges if all the keys are lost. This whole process will take aprox. 10 working days because all keys need to be ordered from abroad.

Vauxhall Car Key Specialists (such as AutoKey Squad)on the other side, can usually supply a fully-working new car key at the roadside if all the keys are lost. Car Key Specialists offer better value on quality replacement Vauxhall Car Keys by cutting and programming a bespoke new key to the existing lock barrels and immobilizer.

A Vauxhall Car Key Specialist can gain entry to your vehicle even if you are completely locked and also extract a snapped key from inside the lock and cut a replacement on the spot if a Vauxhall key or remote control fob has become trapped. Skilled technicans are also able to reprogram remote control central locking fobs which have stopped communicating with the Vauxhall car.

Finally, all AutoKey Squad work carries a 100% money-back guarantee of quality workmanship.


Inside Tip: If you want to replace a Vauxhall Car Key or Remote Fob you you can ensure the process is SWIFT & LOW-COST by having your 4-digit Vauxhall security Key Code and also the Key Number to hand. The 2 codes are different to the car’s Radio or Alarm code. Details of the code should have been supplied to you at point of sale if the car was purchased from new. Alternatively – or if you bought the car pre-owned – you should be able to find this code on a credit card sized piece of card usually stored in the front page of the black leather document wallet supplied with the car & stored with the vehicle manual in the glove compartment. 


Even if you are unable to find this code,  AutoKey Squad’s dedicated Vauxhall Car Key Specialists will still be able to supply you with a fully-working replacement Car Key & Remote Fob using our unique proprietary Diagnostic Tools, in contrast to other Car Key Suppliers and ordinary car locksmiths. 



Spare Vauxhall Car Key Duplication Service

If your Vauxhall vehicle only has one key that starts the engine, Autokey Squad strongly recommends that you purchase a second set of keys so in case of an emergency or if the key that you currently have gets lost, you still have a backup set. Being proactive can save you more than £100 if you unfortunately lost access to your vehicle.
If you have time, and can drive to our Discount Shop in Highgate, North London (248 Archway Road, London, N65 AX), you can get a spare key created here by one of our technicians while you wait. Prices are aprox. 30% lower than our Mobile service ones and up to 70% lower than what the Dealers charge.

Save £££ at AutoKey Squad’s Discount Outlet: Spare Car Keys from just £57 all in…

Just to give you an idea of our Discount Shop prices, Vauxhall basic keys can cost as little as £77  including VAT and programming.
If you would like to get a quote or book an appointment (highly recommended to ensure a technician is available when you arrive) get in touch with our shop staff by calling 0203 588 0420



Autokey Squad car key technician, Ben Keith, on Vauxhall Car Keys:

“Most of the first Vauxhall models fitted with transponder chip keys were equipped with red-key system. The most important key was the red master key. This key is used to programme all the other keys which are authorized for the vehicle into the ECU.
The systems were introduced after transponder chips and immobilizer systems started to be introduced into car security systems in the mid-Nineties. The ECU is an abbreviation for the Electronic Control Unit – it’s the computer that basically functions as the Vauxhall’s brain and decides whether to allow the engine to start etc.

Many of our customers are relieved to see us – before calling us they often think that the only way to buy a new key is to approach the main dealership. These dealers have expensive showrooms and forecourts to maintain, so by dealing direct with Vauxhall customers over the internet, we can usually save them some real wonga! As Vauxhall Car Key Specialists, my company AutoKey Squad can genuinely offer customers massive savings totaling up to hundreds of pounds if a customer has lots all their Vauxhall keys. We come to the customer’s vehicle to cut a replacement key, whereas Vauxhall Dealerships will normally ask a motorist to get their vehicle to a dealer on a low-loader.

Each job is a bit different. My first challenge is usually gaining entry to the vehicle if a customer has lost all their keys. I use proprietary techniques taught by AutoKey Squad over the years to achieve this without leaving any evidence of my work on the vehicle. It’s another reason it’s worth hiring a professional firm of Vauxhall Car Key Specialists such as my employer AutoKey Squad. I wouldn’t want to run the risk of letting some cowboy white van man Transit driver damage the vehicle I need to rely on every day.

There’s also another factor at play here. Because all AutoKey Squad technicians are qualified lock specialists, we can work with the customer’s existing locks. We cut and create a brand new replacement Vauxhall key which fits the existing door locks and ignition barrel. After that, we use dealer-standard diagnostic tools to programme a small glass transponder chip into the Vauxhall vehicle’s ECU.

I’ve heard many cases of Vauxhall dealers booking an appointment four days later to supply a replacement car key. We pride ourselves on supplying new car keys to customers within a few hours. In fact this week, I even managed to help a Corsa owner who had locked their car keys inside their car in under nine minutes. That was a new record for me! It was pure luck that I had been doing some work at a Car Auction round the corner. But it was an example of how we like to go out of our way to impress – and even delight – customer whenever we can.”




REMEMBER: Using an independent Car Key Specialist like Autokey Squad will typically save you around £40-£50 on dealership prices. In addition, a mobile technician will visit your Vauxhall vehicle wherever it is located to supply your new Vauxhall remote control key at the roadside at a time convenient to you. Available appointment times include out-of-hours appointments during evenings, weekends or early mornings at no extra charge.

Autokey Squad is Britain’s leading car key specialist. Since the company started in 2009, we helped over 6,000 customers getting back on the road successfully. Have a look at what some of them have to say by watching some of our customers video testimonials here. 

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