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  • All Mercedes Benz vehicles manufactured since 1995 are equipped with a factory-fitted immobiliser system linked to a small computer chip embedded in the Chrome or black plastic remote key Fob. This makes the key cutting & programming procedure relatively complex and typically requires Dealer-level diagnostic programming. So what are your options if you lose or break your Mercedes key fob?
  • Typically, most motorists will turn to their local Dealership as their first port of call. Your Mercedes-Benz dealership will normally ask you to take your vehicle to your local Dealership. (or have it recovered on a tow truck if you have lost all your keys and are unable to drive your vehicle)
  • Finally, a replacement key will then be ordered and manufactured at Mercedes-Benz headquarters and delivered by courier to your dealership. The whole process takes a number of working days to complete and you will also need to provide extensive documentary evidence such as insurance and proof of purchase before the process is even initiaited.
  • New Mercedes models are usually supplied with two Remote Car Key Fobs at point of sale. The fobs are typically of modern chrome or contained in a black plastic casing on some earlier models.
  • AutoKey Squad offers a roadside car key replacement service for virtually all Mercedes vehicles on the road including vans such as Sprinters and Vitos. Our unique service covers vehicles that use the standard Mercedes Infra-Red smart key system – covering both standard black plastic Mercedes Key fobs (2 & 3 button types) as well as later-style Chrome Key fobs. Other common Mercedes car key problems that we can help sort out, are keys being locked inside the car, all keys being lost, keys snapping in the locks / ignition or key duplication requests. Our Mercedes car key specialists will arrive where your vehicle is located at the time that suits you most (whether this might be late in the night or early in the morning) and perform this service at no extra charge. In fact, on average we save our customers £40 or £50 compared to the Dealership prices
  • We encourage all of our customers to get a second spare key cut & programmed in advance so they are prepared in case of an emergency. Not only this will give you better peace of mind but also you will save time and money from having to get a new key produced if you unexpectedly lost access to your vehicle.
  • Please read full information about Mercedes car keys and about our service further down the page
Our Services
Lost or Broken car keys replacement

If you have lost or broken all your car keys, we can come to you and provide you with a new set of keys in minutes, without asking you to have your vehicle towed to our base or wait for 10 working days like the dealer will.

Car key Duplication

If you have one key that starts the engine and just need a spare, you can either book an appointment with one of our mobile specialists or you can save money by coming to our Discount Shop in North London (248 Archway Road, N65AX) and have it done here. Remember: it’s always more cost-effective to have your car key cloned so you’re prepared if one of them gets lost or broken.

Car key programming

Sometimes your remote fob or transponder chip becomes de-synchronized and needs diagnostic equipment to get it working again. Should this be your case, give us a call and save money from applying for a brand new set of keys.

Car opening

Have you locked your car keys inside your vehicle or just need urgent access to your car? Our locksmiths are fully trained with secure techniques to gain entry to your vehicle without leaving a trace.

Car key repair

You might find yourself in a situation where your car key has snapped, cracked or has just become too worn to function properly. Our technicians can repair it whether that might be onsite or at our Discount Shop in North London (248 Archway Road, N65AX).

Car Lock Repair/ Ignition Barrel Repair

If you have problems with your door lock or ignition barrel (e.g. a key blade that snapped in the lock or a key that refuses to turn into the ignition), Autokey Squad can come and service your needs onsite and prices quoted are normally far lower than garages’.

    Covered Mercedes-Benz Models
  • - Mercedes A Class
  • - Mercedes B Class
  • - Mercedes C Class
  • - Mercedes E Class
  • - Mercedes S Class
  • - Mercedes CLK
  • - Mercedes CL
  • - Mercedes SL
  • - Mercedes SLK
  • - Mercedes ML
  • - Mercedes Vito
  • - Mercedes Sprinter
Additional Mercedes-Benz Information

How do Mercedes Car Keys work:

All cars manufactured after 1995 must have by law a chip inside them. The chips inside every Mercedes-Benz Car Key are “programmed” to a particular unique vehicle.

The immobilizer system searches electronically for the (transponder) chip when your Mercedes Car Key Fob is inserted into the ignition and turned. If the correct chip is present, your Mercedes on-board Computer (known as the Engine Contrul Unit) will allow the Mercedes vehicle to start. If the immobiliser system fails to detect the correct chip as present the fuel supply to the engine is cut off and the vehicle will not start. It is impossible to bypass, override or remove a Mercedes-Benz immobiliser and still drive the vehicle. The small glass chip embedded in the plastic part of Mercedes Benz Car Keys is encrypted with one of a wide range of sophisticated coding systems.

Transponder CHip (2)

Replacing a lost/stolen or stuck Mercedes-Benz Car Key Fob is typically a two-stage process.
Step 1: A new key blade (either a traditional car key or a Fob insert blade) must be cut accurately to unlock the vehicle’s doors. This process will be undertaken your experienced Car Key Specialist who will usually reverse engineer a precision cut key blade to turn the barrel and manually unlock all door and boot locks.
Step 2: The transponder chip inside your replacement Mercedes Car Key Fob must be “paired” to your Mercedes vehicle.

Please note: if your Mercedes Car Key Fob is programmed incorrectly – by a mechanic or non Mercedes Car Key Specialist, your replacement key will unlock the doors and turn in the ignition, but the car’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) will NOT allow your Mercedes vehicle to start.



The Dealership service

If all keys are lost, your authorized  local Mercedes-Benz Dealerships will usually be able to replace and reprogramme (at a very high fee) a new Mercedes Key Fob for your vehicle – but the process normally requires your Mercedes vehicle to be physically present at your local Dealership. In addition, your Mercedes-Benz dealership will need you to complete stringent security checks before issuing your replacement Mercedes Car Key Fob.

Also, because the keys have to be ordered from the manufacturer plant, replacing your car key with the dealer, usually takes about 10 working days.

Mercedes-Benz Dealerships usually need to ensure their vehicle is transported to the dealership before supplying a new key. This can incur tow-truck charges if all the keys are lost.



Autokey Squad’s car key replacement service

Our trained specialist in Mercedes-Benz Car Key Fobs will visit your vehicle wherever it is located at a time that suits you – and supply and programme a new-car key for your Mercedes vehicle while you wait so that you are able to drive away in minutes.


They will supply a brand new quality key, cut a fresh blade, and programme your quality replacement fob so that it interacts seamlessly with the vehicle’s on-board computer. Our unique investment in sophisticated diagnostic technology allows us to offer a hassle-free roadside service which ordinary local auto-locksmith services are very rarely able to match. It is a technological edge which leaves AutoKey Squad at the forefront of the Key Programming industry.

Autokey Squad never compromises on quality and all our experienced technicians carry the latest diagnostic equipment on-board to ensure our workmanship on your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is completed to highest standard.

Our overheads are lower than branded Main Dealerships operating expensive showrooms – meaning we can usually deliver substantial cost savings to customers who buy directly from us. It’s one reason why so many garages and Roadside Rescue service patrolmen turn to AutoKey Squad when they have a problem with a lost or broken Mercedes-benz Car Key. But AutoKey Squad’s car key replacement service for all models of Mercedes-Benz is now also available to private Mercedes-Benz drivers across London and the South East of the UK. You can now cut out the middle man and buy new car keys for your Mercedes-Benz car or van directly from a leading roadside supplier.

- Older & Vintage Mercedes-Benz vehicles manufactured prior to 1995 often contain NO transponder chip or RF security technology. This significantly reduces the cost of new car keys for this age of vehicle.
- Skilled Mercedes Benz Car Key Specialists such as AutoKey Squad can also repogramme remote control central locking Car Key Fobs which have stopped communicating with your Mercedes vehicle.
- AutoKey Squad also offers a Mercedes-Benz Car Key Fob upgrade services to Mercedes owners whose traditional black plastic Mercedes-Benz Car Key fob has become worn or damaged. This style of Car Key fob is prone to cracking or becoming disabled. All motorists opting for the upgrade service will also receive a newly cut “Emergency Key Blade”.

All AutoKey Squad work carries a 100% full money-back guarantee of quality workmanship.


The bottom line is AutoKey Squad can supply you with high-quality Mercedes Key Fobs for your prestige vehicle conveniently at the roadside in minutes. AutoKey Squad’s Mercedes-Benz car key experts can also assist Mercedes vehicle owners with broken or cracked Mercedes Key Fob problems. Our years of experienced suggest older black plastic fobs are more vulnerable to cracking than later chrome Mercedes Key Fobs. And remember, all our work is covered by a 100% peace of mind money-back Guarantee.



More on Mercedes Keys- Inside info offered by Autokey Squad car key technicians

Many Autokey Squad customers are baffled and confused by the technology used in Mercedes-Benz Car Keys and immobiliser systems. Our specialists are dedicating to using their expertise to help you resolve your Mercedes car key problem promptly and efficiently– without bothering you with the minuatae of obscure car security features.
The bottom line is our Mercedes Car Fob experts are dedicated to supplying and programming your replacement fob as efficiently and swiftly as possible, at the roadside, minimizing the inconvenience you suffer. Nevertheless, many of AutoKey Squad’s customers work as specialists for garages or dealerships in the motor trade. Below, we present more detailed background information for AutoKey Squad customers who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the immobiliser and transponder chip technology which underpins modern Mercedes-Benz Car Key Fobs.


Below, AutoKey Squad Mercedes car key expert Charles Hanson, from Chiswick, WestLondon, offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of the Mercedes-Benz car key technology and security features, exploding some of the most popular misconceptions:

“Most of the first Mercedes-Benz models fitted with transponder chip keys were equipped with a simple plain key system – without any chip at all. This arrangement was most popular prior to 1995. The systems were introduced after transponder chips and immobiliser systems started to be introduced into car security systems in the mid-Nineties. The ECU is an abbreviation for the Electronic Control Unit – it’s the computer that basically functions as the brain of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle which decides whether to allow the engine to start etc. Many of our customers are relieved to see us – before calling us they often think that the only way to buy a new key is to approach the main dealership. These dealers have expensive showrooms and forecourts to maintain so by dealing direct with Mercedes-Benz customers over the internet, we can offer both a cost-saving and also a faster rapid-response roadside service.

The requirement of each vehicle owner booking a replacement Mercedes Key Fob is a slightly different. The first part of my work is to safely gain entry to the vehicle and to supply, cut and program the new Car Key Fob to the Mercedes vehicle. If you have any more questions about your Mercedes-Benz car key, please don’t hesitate to give our head office a ring on 0800 999 0121. If I can’t speak to you I promise one of my Mercedes-Benz specialist colleagues will do his very best to help! I hope you get back on the road as soon as possible. ”



Cheapest Spare Mercedes car key Duplication service

If you bought your Mercedes car second hand and it only came with one key, Autokey Squad strongly recommends that you purchase a second set of keys so if one of them gets misplaced or breaks apart, you will still have a backup set. If you could drive to our shop in Highgate, North London (248 Archway Road, London, N65 AX), you can get a spare key created by one of our technicians while you wait. The prices are aprox. 30% lower than our Mobile service ones and up to 70% lower than what the Dealers charge.

Save £££ at AutoKey Squad’s Discount Outlet: Spare Car Keys from just £57 all in…

Just to give you an idea of our Discount Shop prices, Mercedes basic keys can cost as little as £57 and newest full remote chrome keys cost just £199 including VAT and programming.
If you would like to get a quote or book an appointment (highly recommended to ensure a technician is available when you arrive) get in touch with our shop staff by calling 0203 588 0420


REMEMBER: Using an independent Car Key Specialist like Autokey Squad will typically save you around £40-£50 on dealership prices. In addition, a mobile technician will visit your Mercedes vehicle wherever it is located to supply your new Mercedes remote control key at the roadside at a time convenient to you. Available appointment times include out-of-hours appointments during evenings, weekends or early mornings at no extra charge.

Autokey Squad is Britain’s leading car key specialist. Since the company started in 2009, we helped over 6,000 customers getting back on the road successfully. Have a look at what some of them have to say by watching some of our customers video testimonials here. 

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