Lost Van Key :

Lost Van Key :


What should I do if I have lost my Van keys and am locked out?

How can I get a new Van Key or Remote Control fob fast?

RELAX, AutoKey Squad is the leading professional Van Key supplier across the South East.

A dedicated Van Key Specialist will come to YOU immediately 24/7 to cut and programme a replacement Van Key for you at the roadside in minutes even if you are locked out of your Van and have lost all your keys.

Click Here to buy a new Van Key Direct NOW or call FREE 0800 999 0121
24/7 Service. FREE call-out inside M25

FAST Guaranteed response. Protect your Tools & Goods. Avoid losing Earnings. Avoid time, hassle & expense of your vehicle being towed into a Dealership.

Click Here to buy a new Van Car Key or Remote Fob  DIRECT.

- We can send a Van Key Specialist to your vehicle FAST at any time of the day or night to unlock your vehicle even if you have lost all your keys and are locked out. Your Van Key Specialist (all experienced AutoKey Squad staff have years of Auto-Lockmsith experience) will secure your vehicle against thieves, ensure any missing or stolen keys are reprogrammed so they are useless to crooks.

- AutoKey Squad enjoys contracts with many large vehicle van fleets across the capital. Isn’t it time your company found a professional solution to your Van Key needs?

How Most Van Keys Really Work:

- Every Van manufacturer protects their vehicle with a slightly different security system. (For example Ford Transit, Nissan Primastar, LDV, Iveco Daley & VW Transporter.)

- All Van keys made after the mid Nineties contain a small glass chip buried in the plastic part of key called a “transponder”.

- The Chip is made of clear plastic glass & must be programmed correctly to allow any modern Van to start.

- Transponder chips are buried in the keys of all modern Van Keys – This applies to both ordinary simple plain van keys and also high-tech remote key fobs featuring lock and unlock buttons.

(Detailed information supplied by Approved Value Van Key replacement service AutoKey Squad)

- The chips inside every Van Key are “programmed” to a particular van.

- Replacing a lost/stolen or damanged Van key requires a two-stage process.

- Step 1: A new key blade (either a traditional Van key blade or a laser remote control flip key on some vans such as Transporters) must be cut accurately to unlock the doors and fit the ignition.

- Step 2: The transponder chip inside the replacement Van key must be “paired” to the vehicle.

- If the Van Key transponder chip is not programmed to the vehicle – or this procedure is done incorrectly – the new Van Key will unlock the driver’s and rear door and turn in the ignition barrel, but the Van’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) will NOT allow the vehilce to start.

- The ECU prevents unauthorised car keys from starting your van by cutting off the fuel supply to the vehicle’s engine.

- Second hand or recylced chips and Van keys purchased via Ebay or the internet will NOT start your van in nearly all cases – unless the Van key has been diagnostically paired to the car using dealer-standard diagnostic equipment.

- Your Van Dealership will nearly always be able to supply you with a new Van Key but the procedure will probably involve your van being transported on a low-loader to your local Dealership. This process can be expensive and cost you valuable lost earnings as well as preventing access to goods and tools stored inside.

- Approved Van Key Specialists such as AutoKey Squad (click here to buy a new value Van key FAST) can use sophisticated dealer-standard diagnostic tools to extract this code from the engine itself and programme new Van keys instantly at the roadside.
- Independent Van Key Specialist AutoKey Squad can normally gain entry to any  van or vehicle even if it is deadlocked shut and all the keys are missing, broken or trapped.

- When a key is placed in the ignition of your Van and turned, the vehicle checks that a key containing a transponder with the right code is present.

- If the car cannot detect the right chip, an ‘immobiliser’ on the vehicle cuts off the engine’s fuel supply and prevents the vehicle from starting.
- The immobiliser security feature was introduced to all new Vans by law following a car crime epidemic of Joyriding & vehicle theft (known as “TWOKing” in the early Nineties.)

- Van drivers with a car insurance policy offering free key replacement should visit their local Van Dealership

- Vanowners can save on Dealership Van Key charges by buying from a commercial Van Key Specialist such as AutoKey Squad.

- Van motorists who have lost all their keys should use a mobile Roadside Car Key technician who will cut a new car key and/or remote control fob at the roadside. This will avoid tow-charges of ferrying the vehicle to a main dealership on a low-loader.

AutoKey Squad Roadside Replacement Service for Car Keys

Your Van Car Key Specialist

click here to book an appointment for an AutoKey Squad technician to supply you with a new Van car key or call 0800 999 0121.

The Inside Track from one of our Van Key Specialist:

Many Autokey Squad customers are baffled and confused by the technology used in different van keys and immobiliser systems. Our specialists are dedicating to using their expertise to help you resolve your Van key problem promptly and efficiently– without bothering you with the minuatae of obscure car security features.

Nevertheless, many of AutoKey Squad’s customers work as specialists for garages or dealerships in the motor trade. Below, we present more detailed background information for AutoKey Squad customers who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the immobiliser and transponder chip technology which underpins modern Van keys.

Below, AutoKey Squad Van key expert Harry Hastings, from Putney, South West London, offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of the Van key technology and security features, exploding some of the most popular misconceptions:

“Some of the Ford Transit Keys in the very early days had very little protection. It was extremely for us to assist customers who had lost their Transit keys at very low cost. Unfortunately, Ford eventually went down the road of including the same tranpsonder technology in all van keys that they were installing in private cars.

“The good thing about it was that it means Van drivers goods and tools are much better protected now than they ever were before. But if you lose your keys, you’ve got a problem. That’s where I – and the rest of our team of Van Key Specialists – really come into our own.

“As most customers already know, the security systems in most Van keys and remotes fobs these days are pretty similar to domestic cars. YOu’ve got the full immobiliser system, the tranpsonder chips which need to be programmed to the ECU, the whole caboodle really. The security system in VW transponders is particularly effective. These vans are difficult to break into and steal. In recent weeks I’ve helped tradesmen who have been locked out from vans ranging from Iveco Dalys to LDVs. Pretty much whatever the van, we hope we are going to be able to find a solution for our customers.

“Once your AutoKey Squad technician has extracted the code for your Van, he can programme your brand-new low-cost high quality replacement Van key – with a remote fob if needed – so it works just like the original key which was supplied with the vehicle when brand new.

“The forefront of the technological war betwen van makers and the crooks now is is keyless access. The latest high end models don’t even need to be put in the ignition. Instead, the VW owner’s key is identified by special sensors in the door handle. The special technology even releases the steering lock and allows the ignition to spark into life electronically – without a key even being inserted!

“As long as the VW owner has the key with him, he can start the car by pressing a button on the dashboard. It’s that simple. When you leave the car, all you need to do is to press a special lock button contained in the door handles. It’s dangerous though. There was a case in Eastern Europe recently of a guy who developed a system which intercepted the code from the keyless entry fob and he can then use the equipment to unlock that particular vehicle – and drive off in it – whenver he wants.

“If you have any more questions about your Van key, please don’t hesitate to give me a ring on 0800 999 0121. If I can’t speak to you I promise one of my Van Key specialist colleagues will do his very best to help! I hope you get back on the road as soon as possible.”

Welcome to AutoKey Squad’s roadside replacement service for Van keys and remotes. We supply high-quality replacement keys and remote fobs for all van models.

Our trained specialists in Van car keys will visit your vehicle wherever it is located at a time that suits you – and supply and programme a new-car key for your Van or lorry
vehicle while you wait.

Autokey Squad never compromises on quality and all our experienced technicians carry the latest diagnostic equipment on-board to ensure our workmanship on your precious Van
or fleet is completed to highest possible standard.

Our overheads are lower than many franchised Van dealerships with expensive showrooms – meaning we can often deliver cost savings to customers who buy directly from us.

Call an AutoKey Squad adviser NOW on 0800 999 0121 for a free consultation and quote on your Van key or remote locking needs!

It’s one reason why so many garages and Roadside Rescue service patrolmen turn to AutoKey Squad when they have a problem with a lost or broken Van key.

But AutoKey Squad’s Van key replacement service for all models of Vans – including Transits,  and Transporters – is now available to private Van drivers across London and the South East of the UK. You can now cut out the middle man and buy new car keys for your Volkswagen car or van directly from us.

That’s the the secret. The bottom line is AutoKey Squad can supply you with high-quality car keys for your Van cheaper than many leading high-street forecourts or garages because our overheads are lower.

AutoKey Squad’s Van key experts can also assist Van owners with broken or snapped Van Key problems. And all our work is covered by a 100% peace of mind money-back guarantee.

In recent weeks our technicians have supplied new Van keys or remote control keys for the following models:,

  • Ford Fiesta van
  • Vauxhall Astravan
  • Vauxhall Corsavan
  • Vauxhall Cors Van
  • Peugeot 206 van
  • Renault Kangoo
  • Vauxhall Combo
  • Volkswagen Caddy
  • Citroen Berlingo
  • Volkswagen Transporter
  • Mercedes Vito
  • Renault Master
  • Vauxhall Movano
  • Renault Trafic Panel Van

  • But our technicians are also very familiar and experienced in dealing with key programming on the following models:


  • LDV Maxus Luton
  • Renault Master Box
  • Ford Transit Box
  • Box Van Ford Luton Van with tail-lift
  • LDV Maxus Dropside
  • Mercedes Sprinter Dropside
  • Fiat Ducato Dropside Truck
  • Vauxhall Movano Tipper
  • LDV Maxus Tipper
  • Vauxhall Vivaro Dropside
  • Ford Transit Tipper

  • Our technicians also offer emergency assistance to Van drivers who have lost ALL their keys – or locked their Van keys or Van remote key inside their vehicle.

    And finally here is some light relief while you wait for AutoKey Squad’s Car Key Specialist to come to your rescue. Here are some interesting facts you might now know about the driver’s of Britain most popular van – the Ford Transit.

    As part of the Transit’s 45th anniversary celebrations, Ford surveyed owners to find out what makes them tick. You might find some of the results below surprising, but we promise you that they’re 100 percent true:

    - White is the most popular colour for Transits, though other shades like silver and blue are catching up.
    - 71 percent of Transit drivers consider themselves to be careful and considerate behind the wheel.
    - 18 percent of Transit drivers smoke cigarettes.
    - A white van man’s favourite foods are curries and roast dinners.
    - Three percent of Transit owners have had sex in their van.
    Posted on by Harry
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