Lexus Car Keys: Replace Lexus Car Keys

Lexus Car Keys: Replace Lexus Car Keys

How do Lexus Car keys work? How do I get new Lexus Car Keys?

What should I do if I am locked out of my Lexus?

What should I do if I have lost or broken all my Lexus car keys or Remote Control fob?

How can I get new Lexus keys without having my vehicle towed to the Dealership?


Click Here to book a Lexus Car Key Specialist to supply a new Car Key at the roadside.

How Lexus Car Keys & Remotes really work:

- All Lexus car keys made after 1995 contain a small microchip hidden in the plastic part of key called a transponder.

- The Chip is made of clear plastic glass & must be programmed correctly to allow any Lexus vehicle to start.

- Transponder chips are contained inside the keys of all modern Lexus vehicles – This applies to both modern Lexus remote control fob keys and simple older Lexus car keys which don’t feature remote central locking.

(Information supplied by Lexus Car Key Specialists AutoKey Squad)


- Lost Lexus Car Key Advice: To replace a lost or missing Lexus Car Key you can either:


a) Avoid showroom overheads and buy your replacement Lexus Car Key or Remote Fob from a Lexus Car Key Specialist (for example market leader AutoKey Squad)




b) visit your local Lexus Dealership or Service Centre.


Which is my best option?


- You can often make substantial cost savings by replacing your Car Key through a Lexus Car Key Specialist compared to high-street dealerships with expensive overheads.


-This is because standard mechanics working for main Dealerships typically do not have the necessary expertise to programme a new key or proximity card to an existing vehicle.


- Instead, Showroom Dealerships typically inform customers that there only option is to remove and replace ALL the locks on the vehicle and change the ignition lock. This expensive and labour intensive process typically carries a price tag around the £800-£1,200 mark depending on the vehicle.


- New keys are then supplied to fit the replacement locks and are programmed into the vehicle. The procedure typically carries a price tag in excess of £1,000.


- By contrast, a skilled Lexus Car Key Specialist (such as AutoKey Squad) will supply a new Lexus Car Key to fit the vehicle’s existing lock barrels using specialist key cutting equipment not available to Dealership mechanics.

The replacement key can then be programmed swiftly and more cost-effectively to the vehicle. The saving to Lexus owners can often amount to hundreds of pounds lock-out.
Vehicle security is preserved by disabling the transponder chips of the missing or stolen keys.


A mobile Lexus Car Key Specialist (such as AutoKey Squad) will also be able to supply a new, replacement or spare Car Key at your Lexus vehicle, wherever it is located, at a time convenient to you. Available appointment times include out-of-hours appointments during evenings, weekends or early mornings at no extra charge. This can avoid recovery/tow-truck costs back to the High-Street Dealer.


INSIDE INFORMATION: Your Lexus immobiliser unit is concealed behind the driver’s headlight on IS200 units. Your Car Key Specailist will need to reprogramme this unit to provide your fully working new Lexus Car Key.
- The chips inside every Lexus Key are “programmed” to a single vehicle.
- The chip technology is also featured in modern Lexus proximity car keys which start the vehicle while still in the owner’s pocket.
- The immobiliser system searches electronically for a transponder chip when a key is instered into the ignition and turned.
- If the correct chip is present, the immo system will allow the Lexus vehicle to start. If the immo system fails to detect a chip the fuel supply to the engine is cut off.
- It is normally impossible to bypass, override or remove a Lexus immobiliser and still drive the vehicle.
Very old Lexus Car Keys (manufactured prior to 1995) normally contain no transponder chip. This can dramatically reduce the cost of new car keys for this age of vehicle.
- Replacing a lost/stolen or stuck Lexus key is a two-phase procedure:
- Step 1: A new key blade (either a traditional car key or a laser remote control flip key) must be cut accurately to unlock the doors and fit the ignition or all the locks on the vehicle must be replaced.
- Step 2: The transponder chip inside the replacement Car Key must be electronically “paired” to your Lexus vehicle so your new Lexus Car Key interacts as normal – working just like the manufacturer’s original key supplied to its first owner at point of original sale.
- If the Lexus key is programmed incorrectly, your replacement key will unlock the doors and turn in the ignition, but the car’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) will NOT allow the vehilce to start.
- Warning: Beware of second hand or recylced chips and keys purchased online or from online auction sites These will NOT start your Lexus vehicle – unless the key has been diagnostically paired to the car using dealer-standard diagnostic equipment. You are advised only to attempt to replace your car key if you are experienced and familiar with Lexus vehicle diagnostic tools.
- Replacement fobs can be either be programmed to copy (clone) an existing key or replace it altogether.
AutoKey Squad Roadside Replacement Service for Car Keys

Your Lexus Car Key Specialist

Click here to book an appointment for an AutoKey Squad technician to supply you with a new Lexus car key or call 0800 999 0121.

The Inside Track from an AutoKey Squad Lexus Car Key Specialist:
Many Autokey Squad customers are baffled and confused by the technology used in Lexus Car Keys and immobiliser systems. Our specialists are dedicating to using their expertise to help you resolve your Lexus car key problem promptly and efficiently– without bothering you with the minuatae of obscure car security features.
Nevertheless, many of AutoKey Squad’s customers work as specialists for garages or dealerships in the motor trade. Below, we present more detailed background information for AutoKey Squad customers who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the immobiliser and transponder chip technology which underpins modern Lexus car keys.
Below, AutoKey Squad Lexus car key expert Philip Haughey, from Pimlico, Central London, offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of the Lexus car key technology and security features, exploding some of the most popular misconceptions:
“Many people seem to think they can only get a new Lexus Car Key by going to an authorised Lexus dealer who will need to replace all the lock barrels and boot locks at a cost of more than a grand. To be honest, this is a bit of a myth put around – some cynics might say it’s done by the dealerships to keep revenue up.
“As Lexus Car Key Specialists, my company AutoKey Squad has the potential to save Lexus owners alot of money if they are unlucky enough to lose some or all of their keys. We come to the customer’s vehicle to cut a replacement key, whereas Lexus Dealerships will normally ask a motorist to get their vehicle to a dealer on a low-loader. That adds up to time, hassle & money which was wasted in comparison to using a roadside mobile key replacement service.
“That’s a big saving. And there’s another factor at play here. Because all AutoKey Squad technicians are qualified lock specialists, we can work with the customer’s existing locks. We cut and create a brand new replacement Lexus key which fits the existing door locks and ignition barrel. After that, we use dealer-standard diagnostic tools to programme a small glass chip known as the transponder into the Lexus vehicle’s ECU which basically acts as its brain.
“If you have any more questions about your Lexus car key, please don’t hesitate to give our head office a ring on 0800 999 0121. If I can’t speak to you I promise one of my Lexus specialist colleagues will do his very best to help! I hope you get back on the road as soon as possible.”
Welcome to AutoKey Squad’s roadside replacement service for Lexus car keys and remotes. We supply convenient high-quality replacement keys and remote fobs for all models of Lexus – DIRECT at online prices.
Our trained specialists in Lexus car keys will visit your vehicle wherever it is located at a time that suits you – and supply and programme a new-car key for your Lexus
vehicle while you wait. They will supply a brand new quality key, cut a fresh blade, and programme a new transponder chip so that it works seamlessly with the immobiliser system.
Autokey Squad never compromises on quality and all our experienced technicians carry the latest diagnostic equipment on-board to ensure our workmanship on your Lexus
vehicle is completed to highest possible standard.
Our overheads are lower than many franchised car dealerships with expensive showrooms – meaning we can often deliver cost savings to customers who buy directly from us.
Call an AutoKey Squad adviser NOW on 0800 999 0121 for a free consultation and quote on your Lexus car key or remote locking needs!
It’s one reason why so many garages and Roadside Rescue service patrolmen turn to AutoKey Squad when they have a problem with a lost or broken Lexus car key.
Why not cut out the middle man and buy new car keys for your Lexus car directly from the leading supplier favoured by the motor trade?
That’s the the secret. The bottom line is AutoKey Squad can supply you with high-quality car keys for your Lexus vehicle cheaper than many leading high-street forecourts or garages because our overheads are far lower.
AutoKey Squad’s Lexus car key experts can also assist Lexus vehicle owners with broken or snapped Lexus Car Key problems. And all our work is covered by our unique 100% peace of mind money-back guarantee.
In recent weeks our technicians have supplied new Lexus Car Keys or remote control keys for the following models:
Our technicians can also offer emergency roadside help to Lexus drivers who have lost ALL their keys – or locked their car keys or Lexus remote key inside their vehicle.
Still not answered all your Lexus Car Key Questions? Why not visit this Lexus enthusiasts/owners forum here to ask a question? Lexus Forum
In recent weeks our technicians have supplied new Lexus Car Keys or remote control keys for the following models:

1992 ES 300
1997 ES 300
2004 ES 330
2007 ES 350
2010 ES 240

full-size RWD/AWD 1990 LS 400
2001 LS 430
2007 LS 460/LS 460 L
2008 LS 600h/LS 600h L
2009 LS 460/LS 460 AWD/LS 460 L/LS 460 L AWD
2010 LS 460 SZ/Sport

SC: coupé/coupé convertible RWD 1992 SC 300/SC 400
2002 SC 430

LFA: exotic sports coupe RWD 2011 LFA
2012 LFA

RX: midsize crossover FWD/AWD 1999 RX 300
2004 RX 330
2006 RX 400h
2007 RX 350
2010 RX 350/RX 450h
2011 RX 270

GX: midsize sport utility vehicle AWD 2003 GX 470
2011 GX 460

LX: full-size sport utility vehicle AWD 1997 LX 450
1999 LX 470
2008 LX 570

[edit] F-Sport models
IS F-Sport 2007 IS 250/350 F-Sport
2009 IS 250 AWD F-Sport
2010 IS 250 C/350 C F-Sport
2011 IS 250/350 F-Sport

GS F-Sport 2009 GS 350 F-Sport
2009 GS 350 AWD F-Sport

[edit] Special editions
IS: compact RWD/AWD 2003 SportDesign IS 300
2007 Limited Edition IS 250 X
2007 Neiman Marcus Edition IS F
2007 “Elegant White” IS 250/350
2009 Special Edition IS 250 SR
2009 “Red-edge Black” IS 250/350
2009 “Blazing Terracotta” IS F
2010 “X-Edition” IS 250
2010 IS 350 C F-Sport Special Edition
2011 Stone Works “Sunrise” IS 250

ES: midsize FWD 1996 Coach Edition ES 300
1999 Coach Edition ES 300
2000 Platinum Edition ES 300
2004 SportDesign ES 330
2005 Black Diamond Edition ES 330
2009 Pebble Beach Edition ES 350

GS: midsize RWD/AWD 2000 Platinum Series GS 300/400
2001 SportDesign GS 300
2007 Neiman Marcus Edition GS 450h
2009 “Passionate Black” GS 350/460/450h
2009 “Meteor Black” GS 350/460
2011 Stone Works “Sunset” GS 350

LS: full-size RWD/AWD 1997 Coach Edition LS 400
2000 Platinum Series LS 400
2007 Neiman Marcus Launch Edition LS 600h L
2009 Pebble Beach Edition LS 600h L

SC: coupé/coupé convertible RWD 2004 Pebble Beach Edition SC 430
2005 Pebble Beach Edition SC 430
2006 Pebble Beach Edition SC 430
2007, 2008, 2009 Pebble Beach SC 430
2010 “Eternal Jewel” SC 430

LFA: exotic sports coupe RWD 2012 LFA Special Edition

RX: midsize crossover SUV 2001 SilverSport Special Edition RX 300
2002 Coach Edition RX 300
2005 Thundercloud Edition RX 330
2009 Pebble Beach Edition RX 350
2011 Stone Works “Sunlight” RX 350

LX: full-size sport utility vehicle 2007 Limited Edition LX 470

[edit] Concept vehicles
LF series concepts 2003 LF-X: crossover
2003 LF-S: luxury sedan
2004 LF-C: convertible
2005 LF-A: sports coupe
2006 LF-Sh: hybrid luxury sedan
2007 LF-Xh: hybrid crossover
2008 LF-AR: roadster
2009 LF-Ch: compact hybrid
2011 LF-Gh: hybrid touring sedan

Production-based concepts 2003 Lexus IS 430 sports sedan
2004 Carolina Herrera SC 430 CH
2005 Milan Design Week “L-finesse” LF-A
2006 Milan Design Week “Evolving Fiber” LS 460
2007 Higashifuji Driving Simulator LS 460
2007 Milan Design Week “Invisible Garden” LS 600h L
2008 Milan Design Week “Elastic Diamond” LF-Xh
2008 IS F Racing concept
2009 LS 460 ITS-Safety Concept
2009 Crystallised Wind LFA
2010 IS F CCS Concept
2010 CT Umbra

Other concept vehicles 1994 Italdesign Lexus Landau: hatchback
1995 Lexus FLV: station wagon
1997 Lexus Street Rod: roadster
1997 Lexus SLV: sport luxury vehicle
1997 Lexus HPS: sports sedan
2003 Lexus HPX: crossover
2009 Lexus HB: hybrid sports motorbike

Number Série 2002 Lexus 205

CT 200h Compact hybrid hatchback

IS 200
IS 300

IS 220d
IS 250
IS 300
IS 350
Compact sedan
Convertible coupe


2009– Compact hybrid sedan

ES 300

[edit] Lexus GS

[hide]Lexus GS

GS 300



Mid-size sedan

GS 300
GS 400
GS 430

GS 300
GS 430
GS 450h
GS 350
GS 460


LS 400

LS 460
LS 460 L
LS 600h
LS 600h L

SC 400
SC 300


Sport coupe

[edit] SUVs

[edit] Lexus RX

[hide]Lexus RX


3.0 L 1MZ-FE V6
3.3 L 3MZ-FE V6
3.5 L 2GR-FE V6


Mid-size crossover SUV


RX 350
RX 450h


3.5 L 2GR-FE V6
3.5 L 2GR-FXE V6


Mid-size crossover SUV

[edit] Lexus GX

[hide]Lexus GX


Model name

Chassis code






GX 470


4.7 L 2UZ-FE V8


Mid-size SUV


GX 460


4.6 L 3UR-FE V8


Mid-size SUV

[edit] Lexus LX

[hide]Lexus LX


Model name

Chassis code






LX 450


4.5L 1FZ-FE I6


Full-size SUV


LX 470


4.7L 2UZ-FE V8


Full-size SUV


LX 570


5.7L 3UR-FE V8


Find out more about the explosive growth of Lexus sales in the UK recently – which explains why Lexus Car Keys are one of the fast-growing parts of Lexus Car Key Specialist AutoKey Squad’s business by clicking here.
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