Fob Programming

Fob Programming

Welcome to the best FREE Step-by-Step Guide to online Car Key information anywhere on the web. If you are struggling to programme your Car Remote Control Key Fob, or you are experieincing a problem or fault with your fob being faulty or not working, then you have at last found the right place.

Scroll down this page for details of FREE Insider Procedures normally known only to the Motor Trade detailing how you can self-programme a wide range of Remote Fobs (keyless entry blips) by yourself in minutes.

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(collated by AutoKey Squad Roadside Car Key Specialist)


(collated by AutoKey Squad Roadside Car Key Specialist)

FREE Insider Fiat Car Key Remote Fob Step-by-Step Programming Guide

(collated by AutoKey Squad Roadside Car Key Specialist)

(collated by AutoKey Squad Roadside Car Key Specialist)

FREE Insider Land Rover Car Key Remote Fob Step-by-Step Programming Guide

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(collated by AutoKey Squad Roadside Car Key Specialist)


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FREE Insider Vauxhall Car Key Remote Fob Step-by-Step Programming Guide
(collated by AutoKey Squad Roadside Car Key Specialist)
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(collated by AutoKey Squad Roadside Car Key Specialist)


(collated by AutoKey Squad Roadside Car Key Specialist)

-Not all types of remote fob and blip can be manually self-programmed – but the majority can be.

-If your “lock” & “unlock” buttons have stopped working but the Car Key still works fine to open the doors manually and start the engine, these guides may well be all your need.

Alternatively if you do not have the time or energy to fiddle about, you can book an appointment for an experienced AutoKey Squad Car Key Specialist to visit your home or office and resolve your problem profesionally in minutes.

-If the Car Key itself is no longer starting the car (or you have bought a new Car Key) this will unavoidably need to be electronically programmed into your car by an expert.

- Unfortunately, this can NOT be done at home without specialist Diagnostic Tools & Knowledge.

- The only way to do this, is for a Car Key Specialist to physically programme a small glass “transponder chip” inside your key so that is “paired” and “recognised” by your engine whenever you start it. He will need access to your vehicle to do this.

Click here for a low-cost quote on this procedure to be carried out at your vehicle by a Technician from leading Roadside Car Key Specialists AutoKey Squad.



The guides on this page by AutoKey Squad will probably help you if the lock and unlock buttons on your remote fob / Key Card / Key blip have stopped working, but you are still able to use your Car Key itself normally to lock and unlock the car manually and you are still able to drive your vehicle.

These procedures are likely to solve your problem if your remote control Car Key Fob has suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason. The most likely cause of this fault is that your remote fob battery has run flat. (Howvever, they will not solve your problem if your remote fob has been dropped or physically damaged).

They could also revive your remote fob if the lock and unlock buttons have stopped working because the fob has become electronically “desynchronised” from the car. In these cases, our guidance can help you “re-pair” your remote fob, blip or Key Card so it starts working again. NOTE: These procedures can only resolve problems with the ”lock” and “unlock” buttons on your fob NOT problems with the key starting the vehicle. These can only be solved by an on-site Car Key Specialist with a suitable diagnostic tool.


-These programming techniques are not capable of programming an actual Car Key to start the engine of a vehicle.

-Separate to the “lock” and “unlock” buttons on your remote fob, every car key made since 1995 has been fitted with an extra small transponder chip (This chip is usually made of clear glass and is buried in the plastic part of all modern Car Keys, even simple keys not featuring remote central locking).

-Every Car Key sold since 1995 has a small electronic transponder chip concealed in the plastic part of the key. (This applies even to basic Car Keys with no locking buttons). This chip is electronically detected by the car whenever the ignition is turned. If an authorised chip is not present the engine will turn over but will not fire into life.

- When a motorist buys a new Car Key (or replaces a broken/crushed/damaged transponder chip in an existing key) the new key needs to be specifically programmed into the vehicle it will be used to start. This requires the key to be physically bonded to the vehicle using sophisticated the correct Diagnostic Tool.

-The only way to achieve this is for a qualified Car Key Specialist to carry out the procedure using the correct Diagnostic Tool while phsyically present at the vehicle. if you need this procedure carried out on a new/replacement Car Key please visit your local High-Street Car Dealership – or, to avoid Dealer Fees and for greater convenience - click here to book an appointment for a low-cost Roadside Car Key Specialist to visit your vehicle.

Unfortunately, if your remote control fob is broken or damaged (for example by being smashed on the ground or water damage) simply reprogramming the remote fob using the procedures detailed HERE will not solve your problem. You will need a replacement remote to be paired to your vehicle. Typically this will contain a virgin undamaged circuit board and memory chip.

In this situation, Motorists are traditionally recommended the high-street Car Dealership which originally sold the car. Main Dealerships will virtually always be able to supply a replacement Car Key or Remote Fob for any vehicle. There are a number of drawbacks to buying a Car Key replacement for a High-Street Showrrom Dealership however:

1. HIGH COST – Franchised Car Dealerships typically operate expensive high-street showrooms with large overheads. In order to remain viable, the costs of running these businesses are unavoidably passed onto the customer. In recent year aggressive internet compeitition has slashed the profit margins on new car sales – encouraging Car Dealership to recoup profits margins on spare parts & Servicing etc.

2. INCONVENIENT LOCATION – Car Dealerships are normally only able to offer assistance to motorists at their service centres. If all car keys/remote fobs are not working (or are lost/missing/stolen) Dealers will typically ask a customer to pay for the vehicle to be transported to their local Dealership on a low loader.

3. HASSLE / DELAYS – Dealerships typically are only available to carry out this procedures during the working week and on Satudray mornings. Blank Car Keys are also not held in stock as a matter of routine and normally needed to be ordered from the Factory of manufacture in Europe. This process typically takes anywhere between three days and two weeks.

In respose to these problems independent Car Key Specialists (led by UK market leader AutoKey Squad) began exploding in popularity among Motor Trade insiders around five years ago. These mobile roadside rescue services offer a range of benefits to motorists who need a new or spare Car Key or Remote Control Fob.

1. FAST RESPONSE: – Independent Car Key Specialists operate a 24/7 service, providing new Car Keys & Remote Fobs often in just minutes round the clock at night and during weekends. This helps motorists traders avoid

2. AGGRESSIVE PRICING: Independent Car Key Specialists can undercut prices charges by High-Street Dealerships while offering a similar – or higher – quality of workmanship by booking work DIRECT via the internet & usingtheir mobile vehicle fleet cuts out the expensive overheads of high-street showrooms & premises.

3. EXPERTISE: Experienced technicians employed by a leading Car Key Specialist (such as AutoKey Squad) are dedicated car lock and remote fob experts. Because this is all they do every day, they typically exhibit greater experience and knowledge of lock, security and alarm systems that Dealership Service Centres and Roadise Rescue Service Patrols who inevitably have to act as “all-rounders” dealing with wide range of engine and technical issues for motorists. In many cases this means a Car Key Specialist will be able to offer a different. cheaper or faster solution to a Car Key issue than main Dealerships.

4. CONVENIENCE:  Car Key Specialists (such as the market leader across the South East AutoKey Squad) travel directly to the vehicle suffering the Car Key issue. This avoids transporting the vehicle if all the keys are lost or stolen. It also minimizes disruption and hassle for the motorists.
All this information has been carefully collated by an experienced Car Key Specialist from AutoKey Squad – the leading Roadside Car Key Replacement Service.

Roadside Car Key Replacement Specialist

Remote Fob advice from AutoKey Squad Car Key Specialist
(Technical Information supplied by Car Key Specialists AutoKey Squad. Click Here to buy a new Remote Fob or replacement Car Key)
AutoKey Squad Car Key Specialist Ben Jackson explains: “This advice will work to programme a Remote Fob for a wide array of vehicles. Some of the very latest remotes work on a new programming system, but whatever your make or model of car, this procedure is well worth a try before you contact a Main Dealership (for example AutoKey Squad). “
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