Fiat 500 lost or broken key replacement service

Fiat 500 lost or broken key replacement service

“The most efficient and professional car key replacement for the Fiat 500″

Have you lost or broken your Fiat 500 keys? Are you completely locked out of your Fiat 500 with no spare keys or fobs?

You have found the most highly regarded and professional key replacement service for the Fiat 500!

Fiat 500 key fob replacement service

One of our highly skilled Fiat 500 key replacement technicians will travel to you in a mobile unit wherever you are and replace your Fiat 500 key or remote fob quickly and efficiently while you wait. He will also be able to open your car without damaging it in any way, even in the worst-case scenario of having lost all keys with no spares at hand.

How Fiat 500 keys work

Replacement key for Fiat 500

All Fiat 500 cars manufactured after 1995 have a special immobiliser unit that makes it physically impossible to switch the car on unless it recognizes an electronic transponder chip embedded in the key that you insert into the ignition.

If the transponder chip in your Fiat 500 key is correctly paired specifically to your car, when you insert the key in the ignition the immobiliser unit will recognize the transponder chip and disengage, allowing the car to be switched on.

The relationship between your car’s immobiliser unit and the transponder chip in your car key may be thought of as analogous to the password protection that we are all familiar with.

How we will replace your Fiat 500 key or remote fob

Fiat 500 key replacement specialist technician

- We will dispatch a car key replacement technician who specialises in the Fiat 500 and who is closest to your location.

- Upon arrival, the technician will open your Fiat 500, even if you have lost all keys and have no spares. We are especially proud of the fact that our technicians are able to open cars without damaging them in any way, thanks to proprietary techniques that we have developed in-house.

- Having gained clean entry into your Fiat 500, the technician will use the correct diagnostic tool to connect with the electronic control unit of your Fiat 500. The purpose of this exercise is to copy electronic data that will be needed to programme the transponder chip in your Fiat 500 key or fob.

- The key replacement specialist will then cut a new key blade for you and will then use the electronic data he extracted in the previous step to programme the transponder chip in your replacement key to match it specifically to your Fiat 500. He will also be able to programme a new remote fob for you using the same electronic data.

- He will then check that everything works correctly, at which point the job has been successfully completed and you can drive your Fiat 500 away.

Meet one of our Fiat 500 key replacement technicians

Andy Newell, an Autokey Squad technician who specialises in the Fiat 500, shares a few thoughts on his work as a car key replacement specialist:

“The biggest myth associated with Fiat 500 key replacement is that your only viable option is to go to a dealer and patiently wait for them to order a replacement key from Italy, with the final bill totalling hundreds of pounds.

“It is not true that going to a Fiat dealer is your only option: I have been replacing Fiat car keys for years, and have never had trouble cutting and programming new keys, even when all spare keys – including the red master key – were lost.

“The other way in which we offer huge value to our customers is by driving to them directly, wherever they are – we never ask the customer to tow the car to us, which leads to further savings.

“My first task after reaching the customer involves opening the car, which is a straightforward process that does not damage the car in any way.

“Once I can get inside the car, I use my dealer-standard diagnostic tool to connect to the car’s computer system with the aim of copying electronic data off it. I’m going to need this electronic data to programme the transponder chip in the replacement key or remote fob.

“I then cut a new key, which I am able to do even if there are no spares available as a reference.

“The final step involves programming the replacement key or remote fob with the data I extracted from the car’s electronic control unit.

“Over the years I have learned that customers do not just need a replacement key or fob — the interpersonal component of my work is surprisingly important. Basically the customers are frustrated about having lost their car keys and want the problem resolved as painlessly and quickly as possible. I always take great care to communicate with my customers clearly, and it improves everything for all involved.”

The best Fiat 500 key and remote fob replacement service

Our Fiat 500 key and remote fob replacement service is regarded as the best for three very good reasons: we reach our customers wherever they are very quickly; we open the locked Fiat 500 and replace the key or remote fob professionally and efficiently; and we charge the most affordable rates in the business.

We have served many happy Fiat 500 owners who had lost or broken their keys and greatly look forward to helping you too!

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