Car Key Franchise: Set up Auto Locksmith Business

Car Key Franchise: Set up Auto Locksmith Business

-How do I set up a Lost Car Key Replacement Franchise?

-How much does it cost – or  how much investment will I need – to set up in business as a Mobile Car Auto Locksmith in the UK or elsewhere in the world such as Africa?

-What equipment and training will I need to be able to cut and programme replacement transponder keys if I set up a start-up?

Which Key Programming diagnostic tools cost are recommended to create transponder car keys & fobs for the widest range of vehicles and how much do they cost? Which Car Key Cutting equipment is best for mobile auto car locksmiths?

Is it possible to set up a mobile Lost Car Key replacement business as a franchisee within the AutoKey Squad branded network? What will it cost and how much training will I receive?

AutoKey Squad is the premier branded mobile Lost Car Key Replacement service serving the United Kingdom.

Our uniformed team of dedicated Car Key Specialists and liveried patrol units offer a badge of quality widely recognised by major Roadside Rescue services and vehicle fleet companies across the country.

The AutoKey Squad value proposition is built on delivering memorable and refreshing level of service and satisfaction to our customers underpinned by a unique no-quibble 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

We are also dedicated to offering our customers a better value proposition than traditional Car Dealerships. Our unique mobile online business model carries far lower overheads than traditional Car Dealerships with expensive forecourt showrooms.

This lower cost base allows AutoKey Squad to offer better value to motorists – shaking up the motor trade in the same way Amazon and online e-tailers have turned the book-selling and music industry upside down.

An unrelenting focus on the long-term is another core fibre in the AutoKey Squad vision. Keeping our eyes beyond the short-term horizon means in practical terms being prepared to sacrifice short-term profits this month or this year in order to make sure we deliver on all promises we make to customers.

If that means the company suffers a loss meeting a customer’s expectation in the short-term, this is a small price to pay in order to ensure AutoKey Squad customers know they are dealing with a company whose word can be relied on.

It also means investing aggressively in the latest diagnostic equipment and technology across our mobile Car Key Replacement Patrol fleet in order to guarantee that our Car Key Specialists are better able to serve our customer’s Car Key needs than any other operator in the sector.

AutoKey Squad‘s Car Key Specialist service offers a long-term vision of quality that stands in sharp contrast to a fast-buck mentality which has sadly been too prevalant across a tainted and fragmented locksmith community which has largely lost the trust of its customers.

Do you share this vision?

If you share the above AutoKey Squad vision – and are prepared to dedicate the time and investment needed to deliver it, please get in touch with us.

AutoKey Squad is looking to expand as aggressively as our rigorous quality control standards will allow. So we invite partners of substance and backing who share our vision to talk to us about working together.

We are looking to work both with partners in the UK positioned to expand our nationwide coverage, but AutoKey Squad also has international ambitions to develop overseas – into exciting high-growth overseas markets such as Africa and South America.

If you reach a Franchise partnership to to AutoKey Squad we will promise to deliver on our side of the bargain:

- Comprehensive in-depth traininig of technicians to industry leading standards of all your Car Key Specialists.

- Complimentary consultation, sourcing training and advicee on the best possible value Car Key Specialist equipment package to suit your budget and needs.

Advances in diagnostic technology over recent years have increased sharply the investment required to offer a comprehensive Car Key Specialist service serving the modern market.

While once it was possible for Car Key service providers to set up on the road for as little as $20,000 USD (£13,000) the latest diagnostic tools mean that a properly equipped mobile Car Key patrol unit able to serve a wide range of vehicles is unlikely to be put on the road for less than $70,000 USD.

Considerable savings on this figure may be achievable if the prospective Car Key Specialist chooses to focus on a narrow field, instead of offering a comprehensive services aimed at the widest range of motorists.

- AutoKey Squad branded uniforms and livery, comprehensive staff training in the AutoKey Squad customer service proposition and access to the unique AutoKey Squad job lead referral network.

- Regular follow-up quality assurance testing and service quality maintenance as well as offering on-going membership and support covering the latest technical developments.

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