BMW 1 Series lost key fob replacement and programming

BMW 1 Series lost key fob replacement and programming

“Indisputably the most reputable and fast BMW 1 Series key fob replacement solution”

If you have lost or broken the keys to your BMW 1 Series, we can help!

You have found the most reputable and efficient BMW 1 Series key fob replacement service in the business. We specialise in travelling to motorists wherever they are, opening their car without damaging it and replacing the remote fob or key efficiently, all done by a highly specialised BMW key fob technician, and at the most affordable rates available anywhere!

BMW 1 series lost key fob replacement

We are particularly experienced in dealing with worst-case scenarios, including situations in which a motorist has lost all spare keys and documents and the car is parked in the middle of nowhere completely locked. We have never let a customer down!

How BMW 1 Series key fobs work

BMW 1 series replacement key fob

Inside your BMW 1 Series fob is an electronic transponder chip that communicates with your car’s electronic system whenever you use the fob. Your BMW’s electronic system checks to see whether it recognizes the transponder chip in your fob.

If the transponder chip is electronically programmed to match your car specifically, the immobiliser unit will disengage and the car can be switched on. Conversely, if the transponder chip is not correctly programmed, the car will not recognize it as genuine and the immobiliser unit will not allow the car to be switched on under any circumstances.

The relationship between your BMW 1 Series and the transponder chip in your remote fob is mediated by encryption similar to that used in everyday password protection.

All of this has important consequences for BMW 1 Series key fob replacement, because programming the transponder chip requires a highly skilled specialist who is equipped with all the latest dealer-standard diagnostic equipment.

This is where we come in.

How we will replace your BMW 1 Series key fob

BMW 1 series key replacement specialist

- Using the details of your car’s location, we will assign you a car key replacement technician who specialises in the BMW 1 Series and who is physically close to your location, to ensure that you get service of the highest possible standard in the shortest possible length of time.

- The technician’s first job after arrival will be to open your locked BMW 1 Series. We cannot overemphasise just how much care our technicians exercise in opening cars without damaging them: we fully appreciate that your BMW 1 Series is one of your prized possessions, and no evidence of the technician’s work will be left after he has opened it. This is the result of Autokey Squad’s proprietary techniques.

- Having gained orderly entry into your BMW 1 Series, the technician will use specialist equipment to connect to your car’s electronic control unit in order to copy electronic information that is absolutely unique to your car, just like fingerprints.

- The technician will then use the electronic data copied in the previous step to programme the transponder chip in your replacement key fob.

Having checked that your new BMW 1 Series key fob works correctly, the job is done!

A quick chat with one of our BMW 1 Series key fob specialists

Clive Johnston has been part of the Autokey Squad team for almost 3 years and is highly specialised in BMW 1 Series key fob replacement and programming:

“BMWs are perhaps the most difficult car brand for which to programme replacement key fobs. It has always been my favourite brand and I chose from the very beginning to focus on BMWs exclusively.

“The initial impetus for this decision was the fact that there are virtually no auto locksmiths out there who can work with BMWs — they have to turn BMW customers away because they do not have the skill set required to replace BMW key fobs, so I thought it was the perfect area for me to specialise in.

“My customers require absolutely flawless opening of their locked BMW — they do not want any evidence of my work left behind in the car, and I think that is very understandable!

“When it comes to opening locked BMWs, I use special techniques developed specifically by Autokey Squad, and I have never disappointed a BMW motorist, which is very satisfying to me!

“Once I have opened the car, the next step involves connecting to the car’s electronic system so that I can copy electronic data. This electronic information is a bit like a car’s fingerprint — it is absolutely unique to the customer’s car, and without this data you cannot programme the transponder chip in the replacement fob. This step is critical.

“Having successfully copied the unique electronic data from the customer’s BMW 1 Series, I use it to programme the transponder chip embedded in the replacement key fob. This will ensure that when the car’s electronic system communicates with it, it recognizes it as an authorised remote fob and will allow the car to be switched on. If you don’t programme it correctly, the remote fob is useless.

“I have reached very high standards of service in BMW key fob replacement, but I never get complacent, because this is all very high-tech and you can’t afford to fall behind on the latest developments. It’s a fascinating mix of keys and electronics.”

Our BMW 1 Series key fob replacement service is the best

We are proud of our very long list of BMW customers who lost or broke their remote fob, were completely locked out of their car and needed an urgent fob replacement.

We get to our customers very quickly with a mobile unit fully loaded with all the equipment we need, we replace and programme remote fobs smoothly and efficiently, and we do all of this at the most competitive prices in the business.

We greatly look forward to helping you with your BMW 1 Series key fob issues!

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