Lost Car Keys? No spare? What should you do?

Have you lost your car key and need to know what to do?

The above expert video tutorial, will clearly and simply lay out your options.

Hear advice from an Motor Trade insider with overy 15 years experience in the Car Key Replacement business.

Should you get your car towed to thecar to the Main Dealership and get an original manufacturer key replaced?

What will it cost and how long will it take?

What are your other options? Should you rely on a Mobile Car Key Service to replace your Lost Car Key like AutoKey Squad?

Is it worth considering buying from Ebay?

Get the answers you need to get back on the road. Continue reading

This video guide offers detailed advice about the different options to resolve a lost car key situation from one of the leading approved Car Key Replacement Specialists in Britain.
The experienced car key technician weighs up factors such as convenience, speed & cost to help you decide the best solution.
Has your remote fob broken or are you are suffering a snapped or broken Car Key nightmare? Have all your Remote Car Keys stopped working? This video helps you decide what to do to get back on the road - FAST!

Option 1: Use the Car Dealership or Car Manufacturer.
- high fees
- in some occasions, you will need to have your vehicle towed to the dealership
- require up to 15 working days to produce the key
Option 2: Do it Yourself via Ebay or shopping online.
- cheapest option but modern car keys require technical equipment & expertise to be programmed because they have a chip inside that is synchronized to your vehicle
Option 3: BEST OPTION: Rely on a Mobile Car Key Specialist or Car Auto Locksmith like AutoKey Squad.
- stress free option: a car key specialist will come where your vehicle is located
- a local AutoKey Squad technician will come to help you at the time and place you chose
- a key will be cut & programmed while-you-wait so you can drive the car
- smaller prices compared to dealers'


AutoKey Squad are Britain's Leading Mobile Car Key Specialists. Our highly trained Car Key Specialists come to you - visiting your vehicle wherever it is located and supplies, cuts and programs your new Car Key at the Roadside while you wait so you can simply drive away.
All our experienced technicians are highly trained transponder Chip Car Key Specialists – not all-round mechanics or locksmiths. Their experience will help you answer the dilemma: Lost Car Key what to do? fast, efficiently and with professionalism.

Even if you have lost all your Car Keys and are locked out, AutoKey Squad’s reliable Car Key Experts can still normally offer a rapid roadside solution to get you back on the road during the same day.
The good news doesn’t stop there. Because AutoKey Squad offers a mobile service, the company avoids passing on the costs of hefty overheads of high-street Car Dealerships with expensive showrooms. That means we can deliver significant cost savings without compromising on quality. More convenience, faster service and the confidence of a 100% money-back quality guarantee. It’s another example of how the internet is delivering better value to motorists in the online era.

So How does the AutoKey Squad service work?
When you submit a Quote Inquiry online or if you call 0800 999 0121 or 0330 999 0121 (included in free bundled minutes from mobile phone), you will be given a fixed price quote all inclusive of VAT, parts & labour.

Then, AutoKey Squad’s highly trained diagnostic specialists will visit your vehicle and supply, cut and programme a replacement transponder key at the roadside, while you wait, in minutes. Although the process might seem simple, the technician will have to gain access to the car, then he might have to remove the lock to see how the blade needs to be cut.

Alternatively, he might apply for some codes at the Dealer by using your vehicle registration number, and that will give him precise instructions about how the shape of the metal blade.

Once the key has been cut, the technician will insert a transponder chip (please see picture below) inside the key case. Please note that by Law, all vehicles manufactured after 1995, for security reasons, must have a chip inside- regardless if it's a remote key or just a normal, basic one. These procedures are different for different vehicle makes & models, taking up to 3 hours occasionally.

Transponder CHip (2)

Our Approved service is already a favorite with the Motor Trade and Roadside Rescue organisations. Now private motorists are able to save money to – avoiding the sky-high costs of Dealership Showroom. What’s more, our highly trained diagnostic specialists undertake all work at your vehicle – saving you money, time and hassle compared to driving to a Garage or having you car recovered on a tow truck.

We are Britain's leading car key specialist. Since 2009 we have helped over 5,000 customers. You can visit the Testimonials page at the top to see some (video) reviews from some of them. Find out more about our customers' experience by clicking HERE or by visiting the Testimonials section, at the top side of our website.
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