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Firstly, it might be worth mentioning that if your car key remote fob has suddenly stopped working, probably the best thing to do before anything else is to change the battery. Save money by using AutoKey Squad's free step-by-step youtube video guide on how to safely change your Citroen car key remote fob battery above

AutoKey Squad Citroen Car Key Specialist Bryan Shillbeer explains: “This advice will work to programme a Remote Fob for a wide array of Citroen vehicles. Some of the very latest remotes work on a new programming system, but whatever your model of Citroen, this procedure is well worth a try before you contact a Car Key Specialist. I used it most recently on a 2003 Berlingo to give you a guideline.

1. Ensure all doors are unlocked using the key.
2. Press and hold plip key button until LED stops flashing.
3. After releasing button, LED will light constantly.
4. Press the Plip Button once, and LED will extinguish.
5. Open the door and hold the Plip key near the Ignition switch, and press the plip button one time.
6. Now turn the ignition ON, and wait 10 seconds then turn ignition OFF.
7. After 5 seconds, Plip should now operate.

1. Ensure all doors are unlocked using the key.
2. Press and HOLD the large plip key button while the LED flashes continuously for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds press the small deadlock button once while still holding the large button.
3. The LED will stop flashing.
4. Release the large button and the LED will light constantly.
5. Press the large button one time, and the LED will go out.
6. Open the door and hold the Plip key near the Ignition switch, and press the large plip button one time.
7. Now turn the ignition ON, and wait 10 seconds then turn ignition OFF.
8. After 5 seconds, Plip should now operate.

1. Turn the Ignition switch to accessory position using the key, without the remote plip attached.
2. Hold the Plip key towards the receiver at the front of the vehicle.
3. Press the large plip button, then the small plip button on the remote.
4. Repeat for second Plip key if required.
5. Turn ignition OFF.
6. After 5 seconds, Plip should now operate.

SAXO 99 >
1. Unlock the vehicle using Key.
2. Press the LOCK button 2 times within 20 seconds of unlocking the vehicle.

1. Turn Ignition ON.
2. Press and HOLD the LOCK button for 5 seconds.
3. Turn Ignition OFF.
4. After 5 seconds test Plip key.

1. Turn Ignition ON, and wait for LED to go out.(If fitted)
2. Press the LOCK or UNLOCK button with 20 seconds.
3. Press the LOCK or UNLOCK on other PLIPS within 10 seconds.
4. LED should light for 1 second.
5. Check PLIPS for operation.

Still not solved your problem or remote fob faulty? If your remote is faulty or still not working, you should get in touch with us, either by calling 0800 999 0121 or submitting a form online and hopefully we can help you avoiding Dealership charges.
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